We help you match employees’ characteristics to the position, creating a team that is motivated and satisfied.
We provide employee assessments to help you hire productive employees, spend less time and money on hiring and training, and reduce turnover.


This 131 item personality indicator measures ten personality traits essential to business.
Probing level
Social Need
The results are a predictor of the applicant's behavior as compared to the targeted position requirements. Reports automatically compare results to 30 Generic Job Patterns helping you quickly identify differences between the applicant and the "ideal" employee. The software also has a routine that creates Custom Job Patterns based on your employees scores.


Checks problem solving, mathematics, vocabulary, and spelling.
In today's society, you need to ensure that applicants can function with basic learned skills to enable safe completion of assigned duties. The 48 item Johnston Index is timed to 15 minutes and measures:
Problem Solving
One of the unique benefits of Johnston Index™ is the ability to utilize Patterns. Patterns are guides created for job positions which can be used to compare applicant’s scores to the job requirements. A special routine allows creating Patterns based on current employee's scores. These are most effective since they are custom designed for your company. The Johnston Index (JI) is not a test or gauge of Intelligence Quotient (I.Q.), Mental Ability, or Mental Alertness. It also does not measure or attempt to predict any type of behavior or learning rate. Its only purpose is to measure an individual’s skill level in problem solving, vocabulary, mathematics, and spelling at the time of administration. The JI hypothesis is based on a paradigm which assumes a person can improve scores through self-study or formal classroom attendance. To use the JI in a pre-employment or promotion situation, the user-company should first administer it to employees in the targeted position. This makes JI job related and allows establishment of cutoff scores in each of the four skills areas.


This instrument is designed for pre-screening only! Applicants with low morals and ethics, poor attitudes toward substance abuse, and who cannot be relied on, causes chaos in your work force. Adding the "I'm just here for a paycheck" attitude (work ethic) creates a recipe for failure. The 124 item Insure Survey was written to keep you from falling into that trap. Untimed, it takes about 25 minutes to complete and measures:
Substance Abuse
Work Ethic
Most "honesty" type tests were validated in the 1980s by comparison to polygraph results. In 1988 the Federal government determined polygraph results were unreliable. The Insure Survey ™ was validated by giving the questions to convicted criminals and comparing their answers to the answers of high performing employees. You compare the applicant's results to these two groups.


Measures three personality traits and three retail sales skills.
Sales Plus© is designed to be utilized by retailers for their in-store sales. The 70 item Sales Plus© is unique in that it combines three personality traits with three skills scales:
Sales Skills
Customer Sensitivity
Marketing Knowledge

About Us

Using EvaluSource is a wise investment for your most valuable asset, your employees.

We strive to help your organization gain a unique workforce as well as a competitive edge by selecting, hiring, retaining and developing great talent.

Matching employees' characteristics to the position and team is essential to motivating and keeping a satisfied workforce.

Evalusource, Ltd. was established in January 1998 and has assisted organizations throughout the US to create a high-performance work environment.

You are what you hire. Your long-term financial success depends upon the quality of your employees. Finding quality employees requires a quality recruiting and hiring process. Traditional recruitment methods have the predictability and effectiveness of flipping a coin. If you say that your business can't afford to sustain the systematic, recruiting and hiring process needed to find qualified people, then you are not looking at the real dollars of the impact of a bad hire.

Are you concerned about the legal aspect of using Pre Employment Tests? Take a few minutes to read about the "Three Biggest Myths of Pre Employment Testing" below..


Three Biggest Myths of Pre-Employment Testing

Myth #1: Employee assessments are illegal.
Quite the contrary, in fact the U.S. Department of Labor's best practice guidelines and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission justifies the use of tests and place them in the same category as job interview, resume review and reference checks. Many studies prove that when pre-employment tests are used in conjunction with a interview, the odds of hiring the right person, the first time increases by more then 50%.

Myth #2: Pre-Employment tests are expensive.
Consider the cost of a "mis-hire": salary, fringe benefits, recruitment and training expenses--all for naught. A financial services salesperson who lasts just six months will cost the company $45,000. This is an estimate based on the calculations of our "cost of turnover" analysis. The average Evalusource client pays less than $90 to avoid a "mis-hire".

Myth #3: Our company is too small to use assessments.
No matter the size of your organization, the cost of hiring the wrong person for the job ranges from one-half the annual salary for an entry-level position to fourteen times the annual salary for a senior level position. The smaller your organization the more critical hiring the wrong person can be. What used to be affordable only to large companies is now available to all companies, you can thank the Internet for that.Many organizations use our pre employment assessments to aide in the selection process, long-term retention, training needs, and better job fit. Call today for a free, no obligation consultation.

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